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CTRM implementations are often complex and involve collaboration between many business units within an organization as well as many customized functionality outside of what a vendor may offer as standard.


​Aeacus can help you manage your implementations from a project management standpoint as well as supplement your business analysis and QA testing functions throughout various aspects or the life of your CTRM system implementation project.

Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) System Implementation

In all CTRM journeys, a detailed and thorough assessment is key to aligning the goals across the steering committee and stakeholders of the business.

​Aeacus works with our clients in facilitated sessions to define the business goals, expected business value and critical success factors that forms the decision criteria.  

The decision criteria that are used throughout the project and forms the basis to the requirement gathering process.

Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) Assessment and Vendor Selection

One of the key aspects for any organization undertaking a systems implementation project is ensuring that their end users have a clear understanding on how they will be utilizing the system for their day-to-day activities. This is key to ensuring that stakeholders trust and use the system as well as identifying and documenting any limitations and workarounds.

​Aeacus consulting can help your business reach its future state functional and technical process as well as recommend controls that can help mitigate various forms of risk.

Business Process Design

and Controls Review

What We Do

With years of combined consulting and CTRM implementation experience, Aeacus Consulting bring a wealth of best practices, lessons learned, industry knowledge and systems integration knowledge to our clients.

​We help navigate our clients through the numerous challenges they face involving business transformation and technology integration throughout the CTRM implementation life cycle.

Services Offered

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